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    The Yellowhammer Rifles is a group of living historians dedicated to continually enhancing the authenticity level of its portrayal of the common soldier of the War Between the States. The Yellowhammer Rifles  was formed in the Summer of 2001. Membership is open to Deep South, authentically-minded living historians who seek a means of attending "immersion" events in an infantry company made up of comrades know to them, rather than ending up a stranger in a cobbled-together company.  Participation at a given event will be subject to the review and approval of an individual's impression by the Authenticity Committee. Current members hail primarily from the far corners of Alabama, with a few members from surrounding states.

    Our standard impressions are the common soldier of the Western Theater, both Confederate and Federal. The Yellowhammer Rifles believe that an impression must be molded to fit the scenario which is being presented, so we will seek to develop the ability to participate in events portraying early, mid, and late war, Eastern and Western Theater troops, Union and Confederate. Member messes (of one vote per mess ) will vote on scenarios to attend, with the guiding decision for that mess being the ability to meet the uniform standards. 

    The membership is organized in messes, containing 4-8 members, allowing the rifles to function like an actual infantry company from 1861-65. Messes and individuals may apply for membership to the Yellowhammer Rifles, but they must be inspected and approved by the Authenticity Committee, which will guide them in the direction of a better, more realistic impression. It is not our goal to alienate any living historians with a desire to improve, and membership may be granted on a trial basis to those who need improvement. The mess placed on trial membership will be granted a specified period to make required improvements. The time period specified will be based solely on the degree of improvement needed, as laid out by the Authenticity Committee. Participation in events attended by the membership of the Yellowhammer Rifles as a whole will be limited to those messes who have been inspected and approved by the Authenticity Committee.

     When the Yellowhammer Rifles meets its goal of fielding a company of men at an event, Company officers and NCOs, will be drawn from those with experience in those leadership positions who are willing to serve their comrades by providing a military structure.  Leadership in a living history context is an act of service when approached correctly.  Any member called upon to fill a leadership role is free to decline.  Any member who accepts such responsibility should do all that is in his power to fully and faithfully discharge the duty he has undertaken on behalf of his comrades. 

    The Yellowhammer Rifles seek to achieve a high degree of proficiency in drill, confident that it is vital to an accurate portrayal of the Civil War soldier not only to "look good," but to function well as individual soldiers and corporately in company and battalion level drill.

    We of the Yellowhammer Rifles believe that improving the impression we present to the spectators, those who have come to the event with a desire to become better educated, is one of the most important aspects of living history, therefore we will continue to strive toward presenting the most authentic impression possible, updating ourselves as new material becomes available, and as documentation dictates.